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The ghost sent a scout to form Halo ball.
"The Mirror" media reported that Manchester United have sent scouting footsteps. Erlingley, 17-year-old son of the alphabets - Inc., the legendary Norwegian national team midfielder. The players do a lot of work to the mold in the home league.Inglewood's cherished son, who has traded with Manchester City and Leeds United, has been given the opportunity to play with his team-mate last year. And did not disappoint the team when shooting six goals from 13 matches, resulting in him being praised for a bright future in the field.

Because of this, there are scouts from several clubs. Going to look at the form of Erling to the pitch of Mold and now the media believes that the "Red Devils" interested in pioneering 17-year-old as well.Looking to catch the players in the match on Sunday of the agency. HALAND JUNIOR Duel with vala On Sunday,

Everton The news is ready to move forward Lucian Dundee Barcelona back this summer. French football is ready to leave the Camp Nou. The cost of the player is 22 million pounds.
The French midfielder became Everton's target after they abandoned a plan to grab Ciaran Tearier's quarterback, "Green-white zebra". English Premier League (EPL)Transfer from Paris Saint-Germain The team of the Ligue came to Camp Nou in 2016, but after playing 46 shots during the last two seasons with Barca, he is ready to move from the agency.

Ajax wanted to get Blind back.
Ecuador coach Ajaccio Ajax, the giants of the battle of Eredivisie, confirmed that he is interested in signing a contract with Blade United Dutch national football team of Manchester United. This summer, Blund's promises to play both quarterback and midfielder into the final year with the "Red Devils", and now the news is coming from the players. Prepare to play for Ajax, the club. He had been before waving to Allaah at Old Trafford in 2014.Tennaks did not curl that they were trying to do anything to sign a 28-year-old star, but admitted that this might not be easy. "He is a very experienced player in the Premier League with Holland.

Thomas Frost plays Belgian national team defender Believe that Kylan Mbpepe national team striker. France are the most dangerous side of the "Les Blues" after the two teams must orbit in the 2018 World Cup Finals on Tuesday, July 10.Backpacker has just entered the World Cup for the first time. He made a remarkable contribution. With 3 goals to make it one of the important. The French reached the playoffs.

"For me, Kylie Minogue is the best player in France in this series. He ran very fast and was able to judge the game quickly. However, the player (U Saman) Dembele, (Olivier) Giroud or (Enoloch). Highlights of the self. The quality is the same. They are a very strong team, but for me. "I'm the best."32-year-old striker added that now all the players. Belgium aims to be a world champion. "We want to go to the last day. If we do not reach the finals. Or is not a world champion. It would be very disappointing. ''"A few hours after the game ended (Brazil won 2-1 in the semi-finals), we all focused on the game. I need to find France immediately. Our goal is to win the final. France is one of the favorites to win this championship. Maybe this is a difficult game. The match with Brazil. "Shin from Barcelona.

Ivan Rakitic thanks his mother for scoring a penalty.
Ivan Rakitic, Croatian national team midfielder I have to thank my mother for helping me come back confident. In a shootout, the penalty shootout defeated the Russian host 4-3 after 120 minutes to draw 2-2 in the 2018 World Cup, with eight teams competed on Saturday, July 7. Come Barcelona midfielder becomes a Croatian hero The following is a penalty shoot-out, both in the Danish final round of 16 games and Russia's semi-finals. Through the England team. In the quarterfinals on Wednesday, July 11.

Rakitic has revealed that. "After I scored a penalty. I did not get into the game at Rayo Gargano in 2014. My mother sent me a photo of my dog ​​and said that this dog is still shooting better than me. "Manchester United to cheer Manchester United to release the French midfielder Pablo Piccolo midfielder of France to Barcelona in exchange for grabbing Ivan Croatian midfielder Croatian national team. Join the army this summer.

According to reports, though, Pablo made a great contribution to the French national team to win the 2018 World Cup, but also returned to the transfer of football to Juventus in Serie A Serie A Italy. Once again, Real Madrid and Barcelona came to the show as well.

Father suggested the Iron Eagle eagle.

Mustafa Ozil, the father of Mesut Ozil, the German national team midfielder. Let the son say goodbye to the army "Iron Eagle" from now on. After he became It is the hatred of the fans in the country.Ozil is expected to be a major force. The team for the World Cup defending champions in the 2018 World Cup, but he did a disappointing work, resulting in Germany. To break the shock.Many Germans disagreed with the form. Played by Ozil for a while. By the time they booed the 29-year-old in the warm-up game of coach Joachim Love lost Austria 1-2 in the past June. And in the warmth of the 2018 World Cup,

while Lothar Matthews with Mario Basler, a former German 2 star criticized the midfielder from Arsenal hard as well. Mustafa Interview with Budde "If I was him, I would say - thank you, but the guy - he was angry, frustrated and painful, yes he was very hurt, his fans have been booing him since. Warm up game against Austria Before the World Cup. And he did not understand why it was that way. ""He does not have to defend himself all the time. He has played for the national team for 9 years and is a world champion. People always say that when we win, it means we win together. But when we lost it, it was Ozil's disgust. He was booed and scabbed. I understand why he This is painful.

While Romelu Lukau Belgian national team striker. I have learned the technique of playing with the legendary Henri Thierry, the French national team.Henri, who is currently the assistant manager of the Belgian national team, is preparing to help the team battle their homeland in the 2018 World Cup semi-finals on Tuesday. It is revealed that Tai learned to play the game in the form of legendary gun. "When we were young, we did not have the chance to see Henry Henrique in the match of the day," said Luke Guevara to the Player of the Match.

English Premier League Saturday 1 September 2018 West Ham 0 - Wolverhampton 1
Stadium: London Stadium
Local win before the 5 minutes, Felipe Anderson swept from the left and then shot a full shot, but Rui Patricio fell to save.Then 11 minutes as Wolfsburg's El Dorado Costa to Matt Doherty pressed the ball to the triangle under the ball, but Lucas Fabianski fly away. IncrediblyThe first half of the 5 minutes hammering a chance to win again. Aaron Creswell's cross to Mikhail Antonio to flick to the second pole. Patriotism is not always the first half 0-0.

The second half 57 minutes, Andrey Melanie Leno turned to Antonio, tackles to the far post. The ball is crossed already. But Patriot has also retreated narrowly.A chance for the Wolves of the 61 minutes to put a free kick for a free kick to Raul Higgins hit the ground. But Fabianski With a 74 minute shot at the Simeon opened the ball for Leo Bonoini backup to fall into the frame. But Fabianski rushed out a quick block.The third minute is a coyote to the goal. Bonatini got the ball in the box. Before flowing to the brand, Ade shot through Fabianski. Wolverhampton Wanderers won 1-0.

List all players.
West Ham: Lucas Fabianski, Ryan Fredericks, Fabian Balboa, Issa Diop, Aaron Creswell, Carlos Sanchez. , Mikhail Antonio (Hiverne Nandel "Shicato"), Felipe Anderson, Jack Wilshere (Pedro Obegan, 64), Robert Snodgrass (Andrey Yarmolen, AM 45), Marco Arnautov

Wolves: Ruth Patriot, Ryan Bennett, Cody Cooney, Willie Bly, Matt Doherty, Jonny Castro, Diegoo Shota (Adama Traore), Eldar Costa (Leo Boonini), Raul Zemin (Reuben Vina) Gray )
Referee: Chris Kavanagh

West Ham United - Crystal Palace.jpg (650×405)

Tonight has a Premier League match The opening match between Liverpool VS Norwich City

Come to the fans who are waiting for this season's premier competition. 2019/2020 Open with a match between Liverpool, the UEFA Champions League and Norwich City. Tonight, every drop is definitely Liverpool, with the results of the season. already Finished with 4th place, considered to be the top five performers. It was good news that the Reds this season. Strengthen the army The consultant with Gergen Klop said that this season was heavy. Will win the Premier League To conquer

After each team has patrolled with the team Around the world, this time will come back to the field. Strike out in the league Which saw the football match schedule already English football fans have to sing wow That every ball must be watched for fun Come back to the match, open the field tonight. Was the first match in which Liverpool revolved around Norwich again. After the match in 2016 at Carrow Road, which ended with the Reds' victory. With a scoreless 5-4 goal

Which football fans will cheer on? Go to see the competition statistics. Both of them can be found on football websites online. Will have a guideline to guess that Open this field which team will start Keep score, bring the table head first. For me, of course, the Liverpool Reds see the army. Which has been added continuously since opening the market Each team, besides Liverpool, bought a lot of good players. Each one of the gods, fearing that the players will fight for real. There may be some people who do not work. Until he could see the excess of the team It seems like a lot of players are not able to reach all of them. There may be people sitting beside the field. See friends, play together, definitely people. But tonight, let's wait and see. Which teams will win? Tonight, Friday 9th August, the second hit Late night, but wait and see for sure.